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Star Wars Day

Adventure. Excitement. SuperBowl Rings. A Jedi craves not these things.

Well here we go again! Time to feel like a kid again and show our kids what they missed. My kids could care less Ha!

Worst TV Ads

The Top 10 Worst Infomercials

It doesn't get much worse than these unbelievably bad TV products. I can't say I'm surprised they don't hold up!

Watch New Star Wars Trailer

"Star Wars Episode VII" -- officially titled "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" -- has released its second teaser trailer which you can watch here.

NOW: Elle Macpherson 26 years later (2013)

Woman Crush Wednesday: Elle Macpherson

At some point in a man's life he realizes that women, like wine, improve with age. That's why this "Woman Crush Wednesday" we focus on women over 50.


DC’s Swimming with Sharks, Literally

The most awesomely bad movie franchise in recent history is staying on the east coast for movie number 3.

"Chops Sawyer" by RicKy Syers

This puts a whole new spin on kick the can!

When a man takes his hobby and passion for music and puts them together fun things can happen. Watch this cool marionette play Rush’s Tom Sawyer.

Diamond Dave

A Caterwauling Diamond in the Rough

Any Van Halen fan knows that David Lee Roth has his own unique vocabulary when singing. But I had no idea how expansive it was until I saw this hilarious article recently.

The Met's Ron Darling Stops By the Donna Donna Show!

I have been a HUGE Mets fan for a long time, so it was a real thrill to have pitching great and Mets TV broadcaster Ron Darling in my studio the other day!


The Schwartz is Strong with a ‘Spaceballs’ Sequel

If you’re asked to name Mel Brooks’ classic movies and you can come up with a list of amazing ones pretty quickly.

Lesson Learned

Welcome To Parental Discipline In The New Millennia

When I was younger and would get disciplined it usually involved my mom a weapon like a wooden spoon, belt or whatever she could reach at the time.


Fingers Chats with Clutch Guitar man Tim Sult on Laundry Day

Clutch is one of those rare bands that does what they want on their own terms no matter what the industry does.

Andy Summers

Hear Andy Summers Talk About His Film About The Police And More

Andy Summers was one third of The Police. When you put on one of the bands records you instantly recognize the sound of his guitar.

Watch Dave Grohl Sketching Nude Model On Late Night TV

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters are gearing up for their 2015 tour which will kick off July 4th in Washington DC.


WBABe Of The Day

Working too hard today? Take a break and meet your new best friend, the WBABe of the Day! Everyday we’ll have a new hot babe for you to check out.